Play & Learn Groups

Join a group today...
Make a difference for your child tomorrow!

If you are a relative, friend or neighbor providing care for children in your home—or a stay-at-home parent—the Play & Learn program is for you!

Groups provide opportunities for children birth to age 5 to learn and explore through play, setting a foundation for continued learning through school and life.

During the sessions, parents and caregivers:

  • join in the activities
  • learn more about their role in preparing children for school
  • discover how children learn through play
  • learn what to expect of children of different ages

Participants also receive FREE activities and materials to take home to extend the learning and the fun!

The 90-minute, every-other-week sessions are presented at the following locations and times:

Southwest Ohio

Northern Kentucky

Registration prior to attending is encouraged but not mandatory. For more information or to register, please contact 4C Family and Community Services at 513-758-1311.

The 4C Play & Learn program is based on the national Kaleidoscope Play & Learn® Program.


Play & Learn Activities Calendar

Help children learn through play by using one of the following age-specific monthly calendars that feature daily activities. Download the calendars:

March 2019: