Advocate for Children

A key part of 4C's mission is to speak loudly on behalf of children and families, advocating for government policies which support the highest quality of child care and early learning. Non-profit organizations like 4C are permitted to conduct education related to public policy and to advocate on behalf of their constituencies. We just can’t use government funds to do so, and we don’t.  

One of 4C’s strategic goals is to “become a significant and collaborative advocate for public policy change by empowering parents and activating professionals to become advocates.” We have two important tools to help in this effort: the Ohio Policy Action Center and 4C Northern Kentucky's affiliation with Kentucky's Voice for Early Childhood.

We are firmly and staunchly non-partisan in our action alerts. We have sent alerts when appropriate whether the leadership in question is Republican or Democratic. And we will continue to do so.

Our policy alerts carry this banner: Act Now for Children.


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The Ohio Policy Action Center enables 4C to send email policy alerts that make it easy for advocates to send a message or make a call to their elected officials. By simply entering a ZIP code, the names and contact information of appropriate officials is provided, along with a sample message that can be edited or used as is.

Besides alerting advocates through email alerts, our Policy Action Center features a number of issues of concern that allow visitors to take action right there. This Policy Action Center is a collaboration with the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies as well as the the other seven Ohio child care resource and referral agencies.

Current Issues & Actions