Leadership Opportunities

4C Early Education Business and Leadership Development Institute

4C values leadership in early care and education. We recognize promotion to leadership positions often happens without the support of formal training programs. Managers and leaders in early childhood settings are expected to know more and do more, yet most often do not have the business or financial skills needed to successfully run high-quality programs. Focused on building those needed business and leadership skills, 4C’s Business and Leadership Development Institute offers an array of learning experiences to provide the highest quality of training and technical assistance for emerging and established child care professionals. The leadership experience includes:

The 2017 ECE Leadership Development Landscape and Compendium: A View of the Current Landscape, 3rd Edition is one-of-a-kind in its identification of the early childhood education field’s leadership development programs and in providing an overview of what they signify for ECE as a field of practice. The third edition, prepared and published by the Goffin Strategy Group,spotlights how the ECE field is responding to its changing context as viewed through the lens of its attention to leadership development.