Find Child Care

Finding child care can be an overwhelming task. That is why 4C is here to make the search easier. You can call us, email us or use our online search to access our list of child care providers. Trained parent specialists will work with you to identify your specific needs and do a customized search, even for hard-to-find care.

We maintain a comprehensive list of over 3,500 local child care providers. These providers include child care centers, preschools and family child care providers who are either licensed or certified by the State of Ohio or Kentucky.

Not only does our list include location, hours of service and cost for care—it also includes information regarding ages of children the program cares for and availability of special accommodations. 

Knowing what options are available, what questions to ask and what to look for in a child care program is critical—and that’s where 4C can help. Our services are free to families and all information obtained is kept confidential. We believe that parents are fully responsible for making the right choice in child care, but we are here to help make that decision easier.