Choosing Quality

Why choose a quality child care program?

  1. There are 1,892 days from birth until school starts—and every one of those days matters for a young child.
  2. By age 3, 90% of a child’s brain has developed.
  3. Children in full-time child care from infancy to age 6 will spend as much time there as they will in grades 1–12. 
  4. Research shows that when a child care program has a high quality rating, children in that program are better prepared for success in school and in life.

Parents often assume that all state licensed child care programs are held accountable to the same quality standards. This is not true. All licensed programs are expected to adhere to a set of health and safety standards, however quality standards vary from program to program. Which means it is up to parents to ensure the child care program they select is a high quality program.

Learn more about the how to choose quality in this section. You’ll find age-specific warning signs and questions to ask when interviewing a provider that you can use when looking for a quality program, an explanation of the quality-rating systems in Ohio and Kentucky and a list of the quality-rated programs by county in 4C for Children’s Ohio service area.

When it comes to a child’s early years, quality matters!

Choosing Quality