We educate and support the adults who care for young children in Southwest Ohio, the Miami Valley and Kentucky.

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4C Moves Edited

4C for Children's Central Office is moving to Norwood!

On Monday, Nov. 30, 4C for Children’s Cincinnati office will have a new address. The agency’s central office is moving to the third floor of ...

Aiken Youth Award 2015

Aiken New Tech wins 2015 4C Youth Award

The children living in Largo, a remote village in Sierra Leone, once attended school in a building constructed of bamboo and banana leaves and were ...

Maloney Pageboykins

4C names 2015 Champions for Children

4C for Children has named Leslie Maloney and Pamela Page-Boykins as the 2015 Champions for Children. “Each of these women has worked tirelessly to help ...

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