Strengthening Families

StrengtheningfamiliesStrengthening Families is a research-informed practice designed to prevent child abuse and neglect and build healthy families through coaching and training for child care programs and Parent Cafés for parents.

4C for Children, as a part of the Consortium of Resilient Young Children (CRYC), is the lead agency in implementing Strengthening Families projects in Hamilton, Warren, Butler and Montgomery counties in Southwest Ohio and Boone and Kenton counties in Northern Kentucky. Partner CRYC organizations include Children, Inc., Talbert House and Santa Maria Community Services.

The goal of Strengthening Families is to incorporate five protective factors into families that build parental resilience and ensure the wellness of children. The five protective factors are:

  • parental resilience
  • social connections
  • knowledge of parenting and child development
  • concrete support in times of need
  • social and emotional competence of children

4C works with child care centers, preschools and family child care homes to provide Strengthening Families coaching sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

In addition, 4C facilitates Parent Cafés, which are a key part of Strengthening Families. These cafés are opportunities for parents to come together to share experiences and wisdom. Participating parents also become more hopeful about the future of their families, form connections of support with other parents and increase their knowledge in the areas of child development and parenting strategies. Find the dates and locations of future Parent Cafés.