Free SUTQ Help for Family Child Care

Receive assistance with your star rating!

4C for Children is your local hub for information about Step Up To Quality (SUTQ), Ohio’s quality-rating and improvement system! We offer FREE support to licensed family child care providers in achieving a quality rating.

What type of help is available?

Step Up Direct

These two work sessions will engage you in the process of understanding the documents, tools and materials associated with SUTQ. The following topics are covered:

  • Session 1: SUTQ Forms and Electronic Documentation
  • Session 2: Program Assessment and Registration for One-Star Rating

Register for an upcoming Step Up Direct series by clicking on a date below:

  • TBA!

Step Up Express

This one-day work session is for those who are a little farther along in the SUTQ process and need additional support to complete the process. 4C coaches are on hand to offer assistance with completing SUTQ documents and to help you apply for a rating that very day! Register for an upcoming Step Up Express session by clicking on a date below:

Who should participate?

Any licensed family child care provider interested in working toward or increasing a SUTQ rating.

Why participate?

Receive FREE support and coaching to meet the SUTQ requirements and standards, no matter where you are in the process.

Work with 4C experts to develop required plans that meet the SUTQ standards. Share ideas and network with other family child care providers working on SUTQ.

Free SUTQ Work Sessions

Location: 4C for Children, 2100 Sherman Ave. #300, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Cost: Free of charge

Questions? Contact Terri Burch at or