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  • Family Child Care Providers and Child Care Centers contact: Andrew Brzezinski, 937-723-2717

Free resources

4C offers a variety of free resources to guide you through the star-rating application process.

  • Step Up Express: This is a one-day session for family child care providers who are further along in the SUTQ process but need additional support to complete the process. 4C coaches are on hand to offer assistance with completing SUTQ documents and to help you apply for a rating that very day! Family child care providers can learn more and register for Step Up Express here.
  • Step Up Direct: This series of work sessions walks you through the process of understanding SUTQ documents, tools and materials. The last session will include registration for the one star Step Up To Quality rating. Center administrators/directors can learn more and register for Step Up Direct here. Family child care providers can learn more and register for Step Up Direct here.
  • Individual coaching: 4C early childhood coaches will come alongside you to assess quality and develop an action plan to help programs achieve a Step Up To Quality rating.

The 2020 Deadline: What is it?

The state of Ohio has mandated that all child care providers—both centers and family child care providers—must be Step Up To Quality rated by 2020 to continue serving children who receive child care subsidy. But getting rated is easier than you might think when you tap into the 4C training and coaching opportunities available to individual providers and networks of providers.

What’s the benefit?

  • Reimbursement rates increase with each star rating level. The amount of money you receive for each child in your program increases with each star your program earns. Use the SUTQ calculator to see the increased reimbursement you receive for providing quality early care and education.
  • Lower staff turnover. Staff members in SUTQ rated programs are proud of their work and accomplishments. They have knowledge about child development and improve their teaching practices as they learn more. Turnover slows as SUTQ resources such as a formal wage structure and staff supports increase staff stability.
  • Increased enrollment. Parents are choosing quality settings for their children and will be intentional to seek SUTQ rated programs in the future. Your SUTQ star rating is a sign of your commitment to provide quality child care.
  • Help children be successful in school and life. Children in SUTQ star rated programs score higher on Kindergarten Readiness Assessments. When children are ready for kindergarten, they read better in third grade and are more likely to graduate from high school. Children who are successful in school grow to be successful in life.
  • It’s required. Starting July 1, 2020, you must be SUTQ rated to provide care for children who receive publicly funded child care. If you care for children using the Swipe card or the TAPS system, don’t wait to get your first star.