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Blink...and They're Grown

Visit Blink...and They're Grown for tips on early childhood development and support in providing positive experiences that prepare your child for success in school and in life.

Mercee Lee, Skye Roberts, Elizabeth Singleton and Archer Thomas are 4C for Children staff who are blogging each week from their “parent place,” addressing parenting issues and tackling the questions parents of young children often find themselves asking. They don’t have all of the answers, though, and not every answer works for every child or every family, so they want to hear what you have to say.

Target audience: all parents of young children.


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Growing Children

Visit Growing Children: Best Practices in the World of Early Education and Care to see what's on the minds of those who care for young children in child care centers and family child care homes.

Our authors are blogging together, asking questions and exploring issues critical to early childhood education and professionals in the field. They are 4C Quality Programs Specialists Merideth Burton, Bridget Jackson, Jenn Malicoat and Jamie Webb.

Target audience: early childhood professionals.


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Put a Bib on It

Visit Put a Bib on It for parenting stories from new and first-time parents and to share parenting insights and reactions with other new moms and dads.

Target audience: new and first-time parents of young children.

We're blogging for children!

"My hope is that no matter the age of the children you work with, you take time to encourage a positive perspective on all of the possibilities each day brings, accidental or otherwise."

- Angie Good, Growing Children

"No matter how busy we are or how much our kids annoy us, we must ensure that they know the extent of our support and love."

- Carolyn Brinkmann, Blink...and They're Grown

"Good luck, almost-mom. You’ll be snuggling that sweet baby before you know it. Now go take a nap. You’re going to need it."

- Tara Noland, Put a Bib on It