News for Southwest Ohio

Posted Jun. 1, 2014
New Website, New Professional Development Opportunities!
Welcome to the brand new 4C website! With this streamlined redesign, you can sort, search and print workshops more easily than ever before.

In any workshop category or search page, just click the name of the column you want to sort by.
PDO Sort Screenshot

Click here to search workshops by date, title, instructor, day of the week, location or type of credit!

On any workshop category or search page, click the Printer Iconin the upper right hand corner to send a print-friendly version directly to your printer!

Is My Workshop Cancelled?

Check with us on our workshop weather announcement line. Available 24 hours a day, a pre-recorded message will let you know if weather has interfered with your class!

This line covers workshops in Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties.