Video Training Modules (VTMs)

4C Video Training Modules are independent study modules that use DVDs as instruction tools. With each VTM you will receive a list of questions to answer and assignments to complete that will demonstrate what you have learned. We advise participants to review their professional development plan and choose Video Training Module topics that support their learning goals.

How do I complete a Video Training Module?

  • Read the entire video training module packet.
  • View the DVD.
  • Answer the list of questions completely.
  • Complete the application activities.
  • Return the VTM and your completed assignments within two weeks (beginning on the date you picked them up). Materials should be returned to 4C Northern Kentucky, 525 W. Fifth Street # 215, Covington, KY 41011.

Your work will be evaluated by a credentialed trainer within two weeks of being received. If your assignments meet the objectives of the training, credit will be issued and recorded in ECE-TRIS.

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