On-Site Workshop Opportunities

An on-site workshop is the perfect option for administrators who are interested in giving staff a shared learning experience as well as meeting specific program needs. Any 4C workshop that appears on our training calendar can be presented on-site to your program staff or you can request a workshop to be developed based on your center’s current needs. With 4C for Children, you are guaranteed a high-quality experience that meets state requirements. All 4C on-site workshops are Ohio Approved and approved for Kentucky Credit.

How does it work?

You select the topic, day, time and location—and the 4C professional development team provides the instructor and workshop materials.

What kind of space is needed?

  • Tables and seating to accomodate all participants in one area (group size up to 30)
  • Comfortable accomodations that permit large and small group activities
  • Wall space for projected images (4C willprovide equipment)

What is the cost of an on-site workshop?

On-site workshop opportunities are offered to you for a fee that is based on the number of participants, the length of the workshop and the region in which you are located. You'd be suprised how convienient—and cost-effective—this can be! Contact the person in your region below for current pricing.

How do you schedule an on-site workshop?

If your program is located in

  • Southwest Ohio, call Christine Fields at 513-758-1304.
  • The Miami Valley, call Becky Evemy at 937-723-2726.
  • Northern Kentucky, call Andrea Heil at 859-547-5087.


“It was great to have a trainer come to our site so our teachers could all receive instruction at the same time in our location. On-sites are the way to go.” Diane Johnson, Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc.

“Our on-site workshops have been extremely helpful! Our personal trainings have provided our entire teaching team with support to work together in harmony, to grow and learn, and especially to work together to support the children in our care.” Jan Haas, Administrator, Trent Montessori