Renew Your CDA With 4C

Choose 4C to renew your CDA! Save time and money while connecting with a community of like-minded learners and early childhood education professionals in the comfortable learning environment you already know so well. To see our current offerings, visit the Miami Valley CDA schedule or the Southwest Ohio CDA schedule. Learn more about scholarships available for our new CDA Renewal Program in Northern Kentucky!

What do I need to renew my CDA?
You need to complete 45 clock hours (4.5 CEU's) of traning in advanced early childhood development and complete your CDA Renewal Packet. 4C will guide you step-by-step through the entire CDA renewal process.

What documentation do I need before I apply for my renewal?

  • Documented proof of current Red Cross or other agency's Pediatric First Aid Certificate
  • Documented proof of recent (within the past year) work experience with young children or families of young children (minimum 80 hours)
  • A completed letter of recommendation regarding applicants competence with young children prepared by an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Reviewer
  • Documented proof (within the current year) of membership in a national or local early childhood professional organization

Why should I choose 4C?
4C offers a variety of flexible, convenient renewal options to fit your personal needs. Advancing in your early childhood career is a big step and requires detailed thinking and planning. Allow 4C specialists to assist you in planning a renewal that fits your professional growth needs. To see our current offerings, visit the Miami Valley CDA schedule or the Southwest Ohio CDA schedule.

CDA Renewal Program is now in Northern Kentucky!

Because 4C for Children has received funding from The Andrew Jergens Foundation, 25 scholarships will be available for participants in the new CDA Renewal Program in Northern Kentucky. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this unique experience! Download the registration form and apply today.

To view the CDA renewal workshops currently available, go here.

CDA Brochures

For more information, download one of our brochures:
CDA Preparation Program
CDA Renewal Program