Building Business Foundations for Quality

Building Business Foundations for Quality is a five-session, 25-hour, Community-of-Learners-based series developed to help participants explore and master the business skills associated with child care program operation and management. The majority of owners and directors of early childhood programs were once classroom teachers. As administrators, they also need to have management and organizational skills and need to know about business practices such as budgeting and finance, personnel administration and regulatory issues.

In Building Business Foundations for Quality, you will gain the knowledge you need to see your child care business thrive. Join us for this journey to explore the business side of child care. Learn to build and sustain financial stability and the skills and systems needed for effective program management. Analyze and implement new strategies for success. Develop new systems and use them to create a capacity for change in your program, beginning the journey to higher quality. You will even receive an administrator’s toolkit and other materials to help you work smarter instead of harder!

To inquire regarding the next available session, contact the central registrar at 513-758-1301.