Kentucky Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Rate Changes

November 29, 2018

Child Care Program Blocks

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services Division of Child Care is going to raise child care provider rates on December 1. A notice was sent out late Wednesday that stated that rates would be raised to the 40th percentile of market rates reflected in the market survey published earlier this year.

The 40th percentile for your county can be determined by first looking at page 15 of the market survey to see which region you're in: East, Central or West. Then determine whether you're in an urban or rural county. There are tables that reflect the 5th-75th percentiles for each facility type in each of the regions. Urban rates for Type I licensed centers in each of the three regions are listed on page 37 of the market survey; rural rates for Type I centers are listed on page 38.

Some of the rates were already at the 40th percentile and will not increase. Kentucky's Voice has a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the 2018 CCAP rate increase and a document for you to compare current and new rates with DCC-300.