Motivation to Be the Best Leads to Milestone Quality Rating

May 16, 2018

Crystal Scott1

Crystal Scott is in the business of providing high-quality early education and care to children in her Westwood community. And she is truly local, working from her Westwood home.

She reached a milestone in 2017 when she became the first family child care provider in Hamilton County licensed to care for up to six children to receive a five-star Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) rating. SUTQ, a voluntary quality rating and improvement system for Ohio early childhood programs, awards one- to five-stars to child care programs to indicate how they meet quality program standards.

“Lots of people look at in-home providers as ‘you are just a babysitter, you just let the TV watch the kids,’” Crystal says. “I’m motivated to strive more and say, ‘Look, I’m an in-home program and look what I do, look at my set up.’”

She’s overcome many barriers on her quality journey, including having to take a second job to keep her business afloat. But her dedication paid off when she received her five stars.

Crystal’s success is based in her entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to pursue every opportunity to make her business the best it can be.

Crystal and her 4C coach Delorise have built a “give and take” relationship. “The C in my name means curious!,” Crystal says. “In family child care you are a one-person show. We don’t get the internal support that a larger business would have. I get a loving, caring feeling from 4C and am able to find the support I need.”

Her curiosity causes Delorise to grow, too. “Crystal asks lots of questions, and I don’t always know the answer. I love that she challenges me and that we are on this journey together.”

It took Crystal a few years to get from a one-star to a five-star rating, but to her, it’s worth it. “I would encourage family child care providers to go for a five,” she says.