Getting Ready for School!

July 9, 2018

Back To School

Even though it feels like summer just got started, it’s already time to start thinking about the next school year. With some school districts starting back as early as the first week of August, July is the perfect time to start planning and preparing to have a great year! What do you need to do to be ready?

  • Check the requirements for immunizations for your district and state based on your child’s age or grade. Some of these requirements, particularly for middle school students, have recently changed (Read requirements for Ohio and Kentucky). Beat the rush and make sure your child’s immunizations are current.
  • Does your child need any health examinations? Before school starts is a great time to ensure that your child has a valid physical and dental exam. Having an annual medical and dental annual check-up provides a wonderful opportunity to monitor overall health and ensure that any concerns that could affect school attendance or learning are appropriately addressed. An annual vision exam is also important, even if your child does not wear glasses.
  • Are your child’s skills sharp? The concept of “summer slide” refers to loss of academic skills over the summer, which can cause a bumpy start as children re-adjust to academic expectations. Make sure that your summer fun days include at least 30 minutes for reading. If you think your child needs an extra boost, consider Summer Bridge Workbooks or websites such as to reinforce their skills. And don’t forget about fun activities through your local library’s summer reading program!

This article was written for the July 2018 edition of Parent Source.