Working everyday to create better outcomes for our children

May 2, 2017

Myrita Craig

Dr. Peter Margolis and Myrita Craig have a shared passion for working to create better outcomes for children in the community and to move the needle on issues that impact the holistic wellness of children—both in their professional lives and through their community involvement.

As a professor of pediatrics and director of research at the James M. Anderson Center of Health Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Peter cares for sick children and helps create systems that provide more effective medical care for kids. Myrita is the chief operating officer of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA, which includes more than 60 child care centers. In their “spare” time, both are active community volunteers. All of their efforts are tied to “trying to do the right thing,” says Myrita.

A supporter of 4C for almost 30 years, she has served on the 4C Board of Trustees since 2011. In June she fulfills her two-term limit.

“I initially connected with 4C through a Junior League project,” she says. At the time she was also a new parent searching for child care and didn’t know what specifically to look for. It was a “transformational experience to find this agency that gives families and children the information and support they need,” she says. The couple supports 4C for many reasons, most especially because of its multifaceted mission and the impact the agency has on the community as a whole.

“We understand the need for an organization like 4C that helps create and implement systems to help community based child care providers understand and provide quality child care,” Myrita says. “If 4C weren’t here, that wouldn’t be happening as effectively.”

They both agree that the role has become even more important in the past months as the Cincinnati Preschool Promise initiative became a reality. “In order for the Preschool Promise to succeed, the availability of quality child care needs to increase and 4C can help make that happen,” Peter says.

Myrita wants to stay connected to 4C even after transitioning off the board. “I became a fan of this organization immediately all those years ago so I’ll stay involved on some level. There is so much work to be done and 4C is the agency that can get it done!”

Her expertise will be missed on the board. As a member of the Development Committee, Myrita has been “an invaluable support,” says Tracy Carter, vice president for agency advancement.

“She has been so generous in sharing her diverse skill set and her time to promote 4C’s mission in whatever way we needed. We are very grateful for her commitment and her support!”

Pictured: Dr. Peter Margolis and Myrita Craig at the 2015 4C Champions for Children Gala.