New Trustees 2017Web

New trustees elected to 4C for Children Board

May 11, 2017

Three new members were elected to 4C for Children's Board of Trustees at the agency's May 8 board meeting. They join 20 continuing members of the board who are helping further 4C's efforts to support the adults who care for young children and to advocate for public support for quality ...

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Child ASQ

ASQ: ‘A great help to this first-time mom’

May 9, 2017

When Tricia discovered that her happy, healthy 9-month old baby had a slight developmental delay, she was surprised. Her daughter seemed to be achieving developmental milestones such as mimicking different sounds and babbling “mama” and “dada,” recognizing strangers, crawling and beginning to pull herself up to a standing position. After ...

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Blended Family

Succeeding As A Blended Family

May 3, 2017

It wasn’t so long ago a typical family was described as a mom and dad with 2.5 children. Now there are so many more possible family types, including “blended families.” Today 4 in 10 new marriages include at least one partner who was married before, so adults and children are ...

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Myrita Craig

Working everyday to create better outcomes for our children

May 2, 2017

Dr. Peter Margolis and Myrita Craig have a shared passion for working to create better outcomes for children in the community and to move the needle on issues that impact the holistic wellness of children—both in their professional lives and through their community involvement. As a professor of pediatrics and ...

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