Maintaining Peace and Joy Through the Holiday Season

December 5, 2017

Family Holidays

The holidays are filled with activity and fun for families. Unfortunately for many of us, stress can threaten the peace and joy that are central themes to the very holidays we are celebrating.  This is often true for adults but can also affect children. There is the hustle and bustle (and sometimes hassle!) of shopping, parties and gatherings with friends and family, and the “I want” list that is constantly being boosted by the barrage of advertisements featuring the latest and greatest toys.

What can adults do to ensure that the children in our lives have a peaceful and joy-filled holiday? Take a look at this article published in Parent Magazine, “Seven Ways to Decrease your Child’s Holiday Stress,” for a quick practical guide for managing holiday activities and helping children experience peace and joy rather than anxiety, which will make the holidays wonderful for the entire family.

Here are some ways you can maintain peace and joy this season:

  • Stick to routines, especially nap time, meal time and bedtime. Consistency provides stability and comfort for children.
  • Give a heads up about what the plans are for the day. Knowing what to expect is a great way to reduce stress.
  • Schedule some down time to let children unwind. Even 15-20 minutes can make a difference in children’s ability to cope.
  • Let children vent and get feelings out.
  • Work up a sweat and give children opportunities to move and burn off energy.
  • Just say “no.” You and your children don’t have to attend every activity and event that is available.
  • Keep yourself in check as children take their lead from the adults in their lives.

For parents of children with special needs there are some additional considerations to help reduce holiday stress related to travel.

In case you are looking for child-centered holiday activities, here are some links to connect you and your family.

Have a peaceful and joyful holiday season!

This article was written for the December 2017 edition of Parent Source.