Quality Child Care's Role in Workforce Development

April 27, 2016

Parent And Child

4C for Children is among the child care resource and referral agencies working with the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute to bring national attention to the issues related to supporting the child care needs of low-income parents who are striving to improve their own education and training.

As part of this initiative, 4C is featured in the recently released "Partnering to Meet the Child Care Needs of Parents in Education and Training" paper, which is part of the Urban Institute's Bridging the Gap project. The paper highlights 4C's partnership with Chatfield College as well as collaborations between three other child care organizations and workforce development/post secondary education organizations.

Vanessa Freytag, president/CEO of 4C, will take part in a meeting at the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute on Friday, April 29, to discuss the challenges and successes surrounding serving parents who are trying to balance their workforce development with obtaining affordable, quality child care.

"The ability to obtain quality child care plays a critical role in helping struggling families succeed." Freytag says, "If we can help parents of today gain the training they need to earn a living wage, we are setting the stage for the next generation to thrive."

4C's collaboration with Chatfield College began in 2009. 4C staff have partnered with the college to provide students on the college's Cincinnati campus with a broad menu of child care resources and options. Students also are required to take a first term course focused on exploring child care needs and learning about 4C's services and the child care subsidy system.

About 53 percent of students attending the Chatfield College Cincinnati campus are mothers with young children.

"Parents can't become economically self-sufficient if they don't have the job skills they need," says Freytag, who is also a member of Mayor Cranley's Childhood Poverty Collaborative. "But they can't further their education because they can't find and/or afford care for their children. We have to find ways to break this cycle and one of the best ways is by connecting families to quality, affordable child care.

"4C has been doing just that—and so much more—for more than 40 years. I'm excited to share our experiences with a national audience in Washington on Friday and am thrilled that our successful collaboration with Chatfield College has been highlighted and shared."