4C for Children's Central Office is moving to Norwood!

November 16, 2015

4C Moves Edited

On Monday, Nov. 30, 4C for Children’s Cincinnati office will have a new address. The agency’s central office is moving to the third floor of an office building located on Sherman Avenue in Norwood, part of the larger Central Parke business complex. The agency’s mailing address after Nov. 30 will be 2100 Sherman Ave., #300, Cincinnati, OH 45212.

The new location, just a mile from the agency’s former location on Dana Avenue, will offer the growing staff room to spread out as well as provide much needed parking spaces.

“This agency is continuing to grow in the number of personnel who are furthering our work as the engine behind quality early education and care in this region,” says Vanessa Freytag, 4C’s president/CEO. “Now we will have the space we need to continue educating the adults—both child care providers and parents—who care for young children and make sure those children are prepared for success in school and life.”

The new office space has 20,000 square feet compared to the 14,000 at 4C’s longtime Dana Avenue location. “We literally have had two and three people in spaces designed for one person,” Freytag continues.

The 50 parking spaces at the Dana Avenue location also could no longer accommodate staff, let alone workshop attendees. The multi-level garage behind the new office location will “provide more than ample parking for staff and the more than 1,100 child care professionals who pass through our doors each year for workshops and courses,” Freytag says.

The new location will also offer:

  • an additional training room to help facilitate an increased number of workshops held at 4C
  • an Early Childhood Business Center with computers and AV support to allow small groups of providers to work on business-related issues and documents with an instructor/coach nearby.

All December workshops and courses will still be held at the Dana Avenue location, but beginning Jan. 1, 2016, all training will be held at the Sherman Avenue location.

If you are planning to visit the new 4C office, use this aerial view to see where you should park and where to enter the building.

Sherman Ave Aerial Map