Local family child care provider first in Ohio to receive a quality rating

September 8, 2014

Kisha Tyree

Kisha Tyree, a Montgomery County family child care provider since 2007, is the first Type B provider in the State of Ohio to receive a Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) rating. Type B providers are licensed to care for up to six children, and about 25 percent of all children in care outside their own home are in a family child care program.

Kisha attributes much of her success in achieving her quality rating to the support she received from 4C for Children. Nikki Adams, the 4C family child care coach who worked with Kisha, says Kisha “worked above and beyond, not because she wanted to be the first family child care provider to receive a rating, but because she was eager to create a better environment for the children in her care.”

Kisha has been associated with 4C for Children since joining the 4C for Children Child Nutrition Program in 2012. In 2013 she participated in a year-long language and literacy project sponsored by the Dayton-based Frank M. Tait Foundation, aimed at increasing the number of literacy activities included in family child care homes so that the children in this type of care could enter kindergarten better prepared to succeed.

Kisha’s goal is to continue improving the quality of her program for the families she serves. One day she hopes to expand her services to more families by moving to a Type A license, which permits caring for up to 12 children. Kisha, who continues to attend 4C training opportunities and participate in the family child care learning circle that began with the language and literacy project, commented at a recent workshop: "I have changed my program so much. I even closed down today so I could attend training and continue my professional development."

For the first time in 2014, family child care providers like Kisha were able to participate in Ohio’s voluntary five-star quality rating system, Step Up To Quality. Child center centers have been receiving star-ratings through SUTQ since 2006.

All family child care providers who receive public funding through child care assistance must achieve a high-quality rating by 2020. Kisha  joined the SUTQ process as soon as it was available and plans to continue to increase her quality rating.

4C for Children supports all types of child care providers who wish to participate in Step Up To Quality. 4C also encourages all parents to “reach for the stars” by asking their child care providers if they are participating in SUTQ and how many stars they have earned! Learn more about Ohio’s Step Up To Quality rating system and the support 4C provides.