About 4C

Education + Advocacy = Impact

Our Vision: That all children have a quality early learning experience, enter school ready to succeed, and reach their full potential.

Our Mission: To educate and support the adults who care for young children and advocate for public support for quality early education and care for all children.

Our Conviction: That the best way to impact young children is to educate and support the adults who care for them.

Our Values:

About the work we do...

  • Childhood is a unique and valuable time.
    • All children deserve a nurturing, safe, stimulating environment.
    • Quality early education and care strongly influence a child's chances for achieving his or her potential, are essential to parents' productivity, and are critical to self-sufficiency of families.
  • All parents deserve good, quality choices for the early education and care of their children.
    • When parents have access to good information and options that meet their needs, they will make good choices for the early education and care of their children. 
    • Parents will advocate for what is right for their children.

 About where we fit in the community...

  • We are partners with parents, providers, government, employers, faith-based organizations, funders and communities to create the demand and set the standards for quality early education and care for our children. We work to increase affordable, available and accessible quality services.
  • The services we provide are responsive to the community needs and contribute to building a stronger community.
  • We are a public trust: accountable to donors, taxpayers, funders, and customers for providing the highest quality services in a cost effective manner.

 About how we work...

  • Total integrity is a guiding principle in all we do.
  • Commitment to the mission and high quality work are fundamental to our success.
  • Respect and mutual support are essential to our work among the staff and in all of our public dealings.
  • Our services are based on evidence-based research and best practice standards.
  • Our employees are appreciated for team work, taking individual responsibility, and making use of their diverse backgrounds and talents.