About 4C


4C was founded in 1972 by a coalition of agencies and funders with the purpose of coordinating, planning and advocating for quality child care for working families. Early work included planning studies, training and technical assistance. In the 1980s a strong focus was added—to assist parents in finding and choosing child care and to increase the supply of quality care. Subsequently, 4C has built its services to families along with concentration on improving the quality of early learning and care for all children.

In the 1990s, 4C established its Kentucky office along with branch offices in outlying Ohio counties, and in 2006 4C expanded to 10 counties in the Miami Valley with an office in Dayton. Today, 4C is the designated child care resource and referral agency for a 27-county area that includes Southwest Ohio (five counties with regional office in Cincinnati), the Miami Valley (10 counties, with regional office in Dayton), and Kentucky (12 counties, with regional office in Covington). 4C central administration is located in the Cincinnati office.

Recent initiatives include: (1) Supporting and implementing state quality rating systems in Kentucky and Ohio. (2) Designing and implement two programs (one short-term and one long-term) to develop early childhood leaders. (3) Serving as the lead agency in introducing, and expanding, the Strengthening Families Initiative in 4C’s service area.

4C is governed by a 25-member Board and is led by President/CEO Vanessa Freytag. A new strategic plan for the agency was adopted by the Board in May 2014.